Tournament Information

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Planning is underway for the season-ending tournament that will take place from Friday, May 20th through Sunday, May 22nd.  Most tournament brackets will take place on a single day (Saturday or Sunday) but a few might start on Friday night and carry over to a second day.  All teams are automatically entered into the tournament unless they communicate to us through their coordinator by May 1st that they do not want to participate.

Here is some additional information about the tournament:

  1. Tournament matches will be played are various gyms around the city as well as Elite Athletic Sports Complex.  There will be a few matches on Friday, May 20th but most matches will be played on Saturday or Sunday May 21st and 22nd.  Please note that we cannot work around schedule conflicts for the tournament.
  2. As with regular season games, each coach will need to pay the referee $13, both teams should provide a lines person, and the "home team" should work the scoreboard.  The home team is always the higher seed.
  3. Individual medals will be given out to players on the 1st and 2nd place teams.
  4. Recreational teams will not be moved up to play in athletic divisions for the tournament.
  5. The recreational divisions will be split into 8 team brackets (for the most part) based on regular season winning percentage across all pods.  So the "best" 8 teams will play in the A bracket, the next "best" 8 teams will play in the B bracket, etc ...  This is the same methodology we have used in the past.
  6. We will be splitting up the 5th/6th grade athletic division into two brackets.
  7. The schedule will be released on Monday evening, May 16th as we will base the bracket assignments and seedings on all regular season results as reported by 7pm on Sunday, May 15th.  If we can provide guidance on where brackets will be playing in advance of the 16th, we will do so.
  8. Once the schedule is released we CANNOT change it.  We have such a small window for these games, there can be absolutely no changes.  If a team cannot make it, they will need to forfeit the match.
  9. If your team will NOT be participating in the tournament, coaches or coordinators please email the league no later than May 1st!