Tournament Information

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The tournament schedule has been released!  Please check the brackets to determine your schedule for tournament weekend.  As a reminder this is a single elimination tournament and will take place from May 18-20.  Individual medals will be rewarded to all players on the 1st and 2nd place team in each tournament bracket.  The 3rd/4th and 5th/6th recreational divisions were split into 4 brackets based on winning percentage up to this point in the season (May 10th).  The 5th/6th athletic and 7th/8th rec divisions will play in their own single brackets.

Coaches, PLEASE REPORT YOUR TOURNAMENT SCORES IN A TIMELY MANNER.  Teams are advanced through the tournament based on a score being reported.  If your parish is hosting a championship or consolation game, you should be receiving an email from the league about trophy pickup and/or delivery.  Good luck to all teams!

NEW this year is a physical bracket which shows teams as they advance through the tournament.  In years' past, we displayed a static bracket which showed the game times and the first round matchups.  This new bracket will show the teams as they advance through the tournament (scores must be logged to advance the teams on the bracket) and will also show the scores of completed games.  Please note that this is not a responsive bracket and while you can view it from a mobile device, it is best viewed from a computer or tablet.  Horizontal and vertical scroll bars are available to help you view the entire bracket. 

Check out the links below.  You can also access this tournament information from the Tournament option on the Schedule menu.

Find My Bracket  Physical Bracket  Schedule by Bracket  Schedule by Gym