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Fall Season Schedules Now Available

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The full season schedule for girls volleyball is now available (8/29 10pm).  These schedules were reviewed by the coordinators from each organization and feedback was provided to the league before the schedule was finalized.  Thank you to all coordinators for their feedback, almost all of which was incorporated into the schedule.

Schedules can be found in a variety of formats from the Schedule menu (by Team, by Date, by Gym).  If you are a coach, you can also view a pre-filtered version of the schedule which only shows your team from your Coach Portal.  Others who created an account on the web site and subscribed to a team or teams, can view those schedules on their Subscriber Portal.

It is important to note that now that the schedule is live, making changes to it will be very difficult.  Any feedback a coach might have with the schedule should be directed to their coordinator and not the league.  League coordinators are instructed to inform the league of any issues that might arise with the schedule and to work with the league and the coordinator of their opponent on reschedules.  The league will ignore any direct requests from coaches to reschedule or cancel matches.

Thanks and have a great season!



Waivers and Compliance

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This is a brief reminder that in order for organizations, coaches, and players to participate in the CPYVL, the league needs to be in possession of online documents that need to be filled out once per school year.  Coordinators and Coaches must be logged into their account to access these forms.  Coach accounts will be created after team registration has closed.

Organizations/Coordinators:  An Organization Agreement form must be filled out (one per organization).  This is available from the Portals->Coordinator menu.

Coaches: Coaches must fill out an online Code of Conduct form which is available from the Portals-Coach menu.

Players: Parents must filled out a Liability Waiver Form once per school year.  Without this form, your player is ineligible to play in our league.  Playing without a waiver may result in forfeiture of games.



Inaugural CPYVL Coaches Clinic - August 11th

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The Cincinnati Premier Youth Volleyball League will be hosting a coaching clinic on Sunday, August 11th at 2pm in the main gym at Sycamore High School.  This clinic is open to all youth volleyball head and assistant coaches as well as any parents who might find the clinic of benefit. The clinic will be run by local high school varsity girls volleyball coaches and last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours for a nominal cost of $20 per attendee.  Registration closes on August 4th!

Here is a brief look at what will be included in the clinic.

  • Learn the lingo!  Our staff will prep you on proper volleyball terminology so that you can talk the talk.
  • Rules ... we will make sure you are up to speed on basic volleyball rules and recent changes made to OHSAA rules.
  • Proper Skill Instruction - Through the use of interactive stations, our clinicians will teach you how to properly teach volleyball skills to your kids.
  • Age Appropriate Teaching - Passing and serving are fundamental skills but there are progressions to these skills as kids gain more experience.  Learn age appropriate teaching techniques to get the most out of your kids. 
  • Plan a fun and engaging practice that will have your kids coming back for more!
  • Q&A - the clinic will end with a brief Q&A session with the clinicians


Learn More/Register





Spring League Updates

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Thank you to those that attended our league meeting on January 17th. We had a great discussion and would like to provide everyone the following updates:

  1. We will have enough teams for a 5th/6th athletic division in the spring
  2. A new rule will be added to our Rules document that limits the number of consecutive servers for a 5th/6th rec player per rotation to 6.  This is meant to provide more touches an opportunities for players on both teams.
  3. We will send an email out in mid-to-late February with reminders about the registration period

In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions!




Spring League Information

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As we close out the fall season, here is information about our Spring 2020 season. 

  1. 10 match, 6 week season beginning on April 3rd and ending on May 10th
  2. Post-season single elimination tournament on May 16/17.  Each bracket will be played at a single site on a single day.
  3. Recreational divisions for 3rd-8th grades as well as a 5th/6th athletic A and B divisions.  We will not offer upper rec for 3rd/4th in the spring.
  4. NEW ... High school division!  If we are able to get 6 teams to register, we will have a girls high school division.
  5. Geographic pod scheduling for all recreational divisions
  6. Single referee per match at a cost of $13 per team
  7. Each team must provide a lines person for each game

Here are some key pre-season dates:

  • March 1 - Registration Opens (teams can be registered, gym availability and team conflicts should be entered)
  • March 12 - Registration Closes
  • March 24-25 - Coordinator Schedule Review
  • March 27 - Schedule Released
  • March 27 - Rosters and Liability Waivers Due




Tournament Bracket Schedule

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We will be releasing the final schedule on Monday evening, but here is an idea of the schedule by bracket (we realize you don't know what bracket your team will be in, but most brackets will have 8 teams).  Sunday matches will begin at 12pm and Saturday matches will begin at 9am.  We were able to schedule all matches so that the 4 or 5 coaches with multiple teams should be able to coach all games for both teams as matches for both teams will either be on different days or the same day at the same facility.

SportsPlus Saturday

  • 3rd/4th Rec C ,D, and E brackets
  • 5th/6th Rec A and C brackets

Sports Express Saturday

  • All athletic brackets
  • 3rd/4th Rec A and B brackets

SportsPlus Sunday

  • 5th/6th Rec B and D brackets
  • 7th/8th bracket

Sports Express Sunday

  • 5th/6th Rec E and F brackets




Liability Waiver

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ALL parents/guardians must fill out the CPYVL Liability Waiver form for each of their children. Players will not be allowed to participate in league games until the waiver has been submitted.

If you create a user account before you fill out a waiver form, you can view and edit your form from your Subscriber Portal. You must be logged into the web site when you fill out your waiver form to take advantage of this.

PARENTS: If you filled out the waiver and the last name of your player is correct as is the birth date and you received an email from the web site with a copy of the waiver, there is no need for you to fill out another waiver even if you are being told to do so.

COORDINATORS: If your rosters are showing that the player did not fill out a waiver, it means that the web site cannot match a waiver to a roster based on the last name and birth date of the player. In some instances this means that you submitted the roster in error. PLEASE DON'T KEEP ASKING YOUR PARENTS TO FILL OUT MORE WAIVERS UNTIL YOU HAVE DONE SOME INVESTIGATION. You can view who has filled out a waiver for your organization from the team roster page or from the Coaches and Parents section of your portal (View Waiver Submissions). Please look for a waiver for that player and compare the data. If you don't see a waiver at all, then yes, please ask the parent to fill out the waiver for the first time.

Liability Waiver Form



Registration Metrics

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Registration is open until August 15th. If you'd like an idea how many teams are registering per division or organization, click on the buttons below to view some high-level registration metrics. You can also look at the Standings page. As we approve teams and assign them to pods (for rec teams), they will show up on the Standings page so you can get a better idea who your opponents will be for the upcoming season.  The podding up will occur around August 21st.

Registered Teams by Division Registered Teams by Organization




Tournament Information

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Planning is underway for the season-ending tournament that will take place on Saturday, October 19th and Sunday, October 20th.  Please note that all tournament brackets will be played in a single day (either Saturday or Sunday).

  1. All tournament games will either be played at SportsPlus in Evendale,  SportsExpress in Mason, or Betsch Fieldhouse in White Oak on Saturday, October 19th or Sunday, October 20th.  Saturday matches will begin at 9am at the earliest and should complete no later than 6pm while Sunday matches will not begin until 11am at the earliest and also complete no later than 6pm.  As was requested by coordinators in our meeting last summer, each individual bracket will be playing all of their tournament games at a single site.  This may cause issues for the few coaches that are the head coach for multiple teams, but coordinators felt having each bracket play in a single day was more important.  Please make sure you have a competetent assistant available.
  2. As with regular season games, each coach will need to pay the referee $13, both teams should provide a lines person, and the "home team" should work the scoreboard.  The home team is always the higher seed.
  3. Individual medals will be given out to players on the 1st and 2nd place teams.
  4. Recreational teams will not be moved up to play in athletic divisions for the tournament.
  5. The recreational divisions will be split into 8 team brackets (for the most part) based on regular season winning percentage across all pods.  So the "best" 8 teams will play in the A bracket, the next "best" 8 teams will play in the B bracket, etc ...  This is the same methodology we have used in the past.
  6. We will be splitting up the 5th/6th grade athletic divisions into three brackets.  Most of the A division teams will play in the A bracket, the bottom few A division teams and top half of the B division teams will play in the B bracket, and the remaining B division teams will play in the C bracket..
  7. The schedule will be released on Monday evening, October 14th as we will base the bracket assignments and seedings on all regular season results as reported by 7pm on Sunday, October 13th.  If we can provide guidance on where brackets will be playing in advance of the 14th, we will do so.
  8. Once the schedule is released we CANNOT change it.  We have such a small window for these games, there can be absolutely no changes.  If a team cannot make it, they will need to forfeit the match.
  9. If your team will NOT be participating in the tournament, coaches or coordinators please email the league no later than October 1st!




Spring Season Update

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The schedule for the spring season has been released and is available from the Schedule menu as well as all portals. Coordinators need to make sure all rosters have been submitted by April 1st. All parents should fill out a Liability Waiver for their child in order for them to be eligible to play in the league. If your child played for a team in our fall season, you do NOT need to fill out another waiver. They are good for the entire school year.

Liability Waiver Form

Here are dates for the upcoming season:

  • May 13: Regular season ends
  • May 18-20: Single elimination tournament
  • Sep


    Tournament Schedule Released

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    The tournament schedule has been released!  Please check the brackets to determine your schedule for tournament weekend.  As a reminder this is a single elimination tournament and each bracket will take place on a single day as requested by our member organizations.  Individual medals will be awarded to all players on the 1st and 2nd place team in each tournament bracket.  All were split into multiple tournament brackets based mostly on winning percentage as of 7pm on October 13th.  If scores were submitted after this time, sorry, they were not taken into account when seeding teams.  When seeding, teams were not penalized for forfeit losses or rewarded for forfeit wins.  When seeding teams with identical records, we looked at a variety of factors based on the circumstance including head-to-head, point differential, and winning percentage.

    Coaches, please note that as during the regular season, you must pay the referee (same rate as regular season) and provide one line judge.  If the tournament host does not provide a scoreboard operator, the home team should provide someone to perform this duty.

    Check out the links below.  You can also access this tournament information from the Tournament option on the Schedule menu.  An easy way to find which bracket your team is playing in is to go to the Find My Bracket link and enter the last name of your coach.

    Find My Bracket  Physical Bracket  Schedule by Bracket  Schedule by Gym 




    Lindsay's Law

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    Please read the following information from the Ohio Department of Health regarding Lindsay's Law which addresses Sudden Cardiac Arrest in youth athletes.  The law went into effect on August 1, 2017.  The CPYVL is simply providing this information as guidance as it is incumbent upon each organization to make sure they are compliant with the state of Ohio.  You can read more about Lindsay's Law on the Ohio Department of Health web site:   READ ABOUT LINDSAY'S LAW 

    We have included links to resources below which might be helpful for our members, but please note that it is the obligation of your organization to make sure everyone for their program is trained and in compliance with the Ohio state law.

    The following resources were developed to implement Lindsay’s Law:

    For parents/guardians and youth athletes:

    For coaches:

    If you are a coach for an interscholastic sport and are licensed by the Ohio Department of Education, please visit their website for information about their training requirements around Lindsay’s Law.

    If you are a coach in a community program, please use the following resources:



    January League Meeting

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    Our next member coordinator meeting will take place on Wednesday, January 22nd at 6:30pm at a location TBD.  More information will be available in January regarding agenda and location of the meeting.




    Fall Tournament Schedule Now Available

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    The final tournament schedule has been posted for ALL brackets as of Monday morning.  Please remember that the 3rd-6th grade rec brackets were based on the results through week 5 of the season.  In addition, forfeits were not included when calculated winning percentage when seeding teams in a bracket.  5th/6th athletic vs 7th/8th rec crossover matches were also not included when determine seeds.  Please make sure your team is on time for their match.  Individual medals will be awarded to players on the championship and runner-up team on Saturday.  We would appreciate if coaches would report scores for the tournament as they do during the regular season.  If you did not subscribe to report score notifications, we will be subscribing all coaches to this during the tournament so reporting your score will be easy and convenient. Good luck to all teams!

    Schedule by Bracket Schedule by Gym




    Team Fee Payment

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    All league fees ($85 per team for all leagues) can be paid to "BMG Sports, LLC" and sent to the following address:

    BMG Sports
    c/o Ben Goodyear
    10340 Stablehand Dr
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45242



    Score Reporting

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    Please note that it is the responsibility of the winning coach to log game scores.  Here are several ways for the winning coach to log their game score.

    1. Subscribe to the Score Reporting Reminder notification and receive an email during your game with a link to the report score form.
    2. Login to your Coach Portal and find games that need scores logged in the upper right hand corner of your portal
    3. Login to your Coach Portal and log or edit your game scores from your team schedule
    4. Your coordinator also has the ability to log your game scores if you are having difficulties

    Please note that you must have an account with coach level access in order to access a Coach Portal or subscribe to the Score Reporting Reminder notification. Accounts were created for all coaches. Game scores can be edited up to 14 days after your game (via the My Team Schedule section of your Coach Portal OR by resubmitting the score reporting form that was emailed to you if you subscribe to that notification) in case they have been reported incorrectly. If you are the coach of the losing team and the score has not been logged after 3 days, please help us out and log the score yourself. Thanks!




    Unclaimed Coach Accounts

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    On July 18th, all teams for the fall volleyball season were set to "Approved" status which triggers the creation of web site account for coaches. If you received an email from the web site with account information but did not reply within 24 hours OR you never received an email, you need to claim your account. To do so, please request a new password by navigating to the Password Reset Page and enter the email address that your coordinator gave the league. If you are not sure which email address this is, then go to the Teams Page on the Organization menu and look for the email address associated with your team. When you request a new password, if the system does not recognize your email address or you never receive a subsequent email (it should happen within 30 minutes), please Contact Us and we will get it sorted out. Thanks!




    Game Change Notifications

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    Once the schedule for the fall season has been published, the league will activate game change notifications. From that point forward when a scheduled game has a change in location, a change in game time, or either of the two teams are changed, you can receive an email or SMS text message notification. In addition, when a new game is added to the schedule or a game is removed from the schedule, canceled, or postponed, you will also receive a notification

    In order to receive notifications, you must have a user account on the web site (click on the Register link in the upper left corner of the web site to create one). Simply choose the organization you are associated with and then choose the teams you want to follow (up to 5). You can then choose the types of notifications you would like to receive. Please make sure you enter a valid email address and if you want to receive SMS text message notifications that you enter a valid phone number including area code

    A quick note about game statuses. A game starts out as "scheduled" and then when the game has been completed it will change to "completed" or "forfeited" if one of the teams does not show up. If one of the teams cannot make the scheduled game but the game will be rescheduled, it will be placed in "postponed" status. If the location or time of a game is changed, the status of the game will be changed to "rescheduled".



    Register for an Account

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    Account registration is now open for those that want to follow and subscribe to teams. To register, please click on the Register link in the upper left corner of the web site. You will be asked to choose a user name, password, and enter your first and last names and email address. Choose the organization you are affiliated with and then one of more teams from the organization that you want to follow. You can also choose to subscribe to a number of different email and text message notifications.

    Once you have created your account, you can login to the web site and will now notice a Portals menu which has a Subscriber option. By choosing that option, you will see your own personal portal with information about the teams you are following. PLEASE NOTE ... that coaches and coordinators have accounts with higher level access created for them. Coaches and coordinators CAN create their own account if they like, but PLEASE USE THE EMAIL ADDRESS that your school/parish supplied to the league. Coordinator or coach privileges will be added to your account after your organization contact information or team information has been communicated to the league.

    Regular account holders can choose to subscribe to the following types of notifications:

    1. Game Change Notifications - receive an email or text message any time a scheduled game is changed (new location or time), added, or removed from the schedule.
    2. League Announcements - receive an email of any league wide announcements that are published on the web site.
    3. Score Reporting Reminder - Coaches can choose to receive an email with a link to the score reporting form which will be sent during the game.