Special Gym Guidelines

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Per league rules for the Fall 2020 season, only 2 adults are allowed to attend a match per player. The adult(s) MUST enter the gym with the player or they will NOT be admitted. Due to the size of some of the facilities in use for the fall season, some have even more restricted guidelines. Those facilities will be listed here.

Betsch Fieldhouse (White Oak)

  1. Only 1 adult per player in gym
  2. A concession area will be open outside the gym that will carry a broadcast of the game going on inside the gym.  More are welcome in the concession area, but they must adhere to all league guidelines (social distancing, wearing a mask, etc ...).

Sports Express

  1. Only 1 adult per player
  2. More specific instructions are listed below


This document was put together by St. Michael who uses SportsPlus as a home gym in the GCCYS, but the protocol is the same for CPYVL matches.  Please read the PDF which includes protocol for entering and existing the facility as well as a few maps that show the best place to park and best paths to get to and from the courts.