Special Gym Guidelines

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Per league rules for the Spring 2021 season, only 2 spectators are allowed to attend a match per player (one must be an adult).  The spectator(s) MUST enter the gym with the player or they will NOT be admitted. Some facilities have more specific guidelines that they'd like to communicate to everyone and they are listed here.  Please do not arrive early to a match and expect to sit in the gym and watch the match before yours!!

Sharonville Rec Center

  1. 15 minutes before game time, the volleyball entrance (not the main entrance) will be opened to players and spectators.  Follow the signage and assemble as a team in or near the tents by the volleyball entrance.
  2. Everyone must enter together
  3. Make sure your team roster on the league web site is up to date and accurate since we use this to check in your team
  4. Once the doors close around game time, they are locked and no other admissions are permitted


This document was put together by St. Michael who uses SportsPlus as a home gym in the GCCYS, but the protocol is the same for CPYVL matches.  Please read the PDF which includes protocol for entering and existing the facility as well as a few maps that show the best place to park and best paths to get to and from the courts.  Courts 7 and 8 are in the main part of the building on the right before you enter the main court area.  SportsPlus is only allowing adult spectators this season.